Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl

Apart from the Absolut Park, the Shuttleberg mountain has to offer many more attractions: speed skiing, time-measurement tracks, carving courses, family run, Sun House, Chill House, 6 comfortable shuttle tracks all over the mountain, many convivial huts for chilling and piles of powder. At the Backcountry as well as deep powder you’ll also find cliffs, kickers and perfect wind lips.

Rusty Raby the bunny on the left is the mascot of the Absolut School and at every award ceremony with it.

The Freestyle School of the Absolut Park

The Absolut School is Absolut Park´s own freeski and freestyle snowboard school. The Absolut Park on the Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl is one of the largest freestyle park in Europe and has become established as a true freestyl Mecca within the last years.

This is one reason why the main focous of the Absolut school lies on freestyle. Another one is supporting up and coming talent plays a major role here on Shuttleberg. We make these budding athletes the centre of our attention and we ensure that they are given a real chance. Winter for winter, alongside the freestyle camps, we also organise a number of events especially for rookies. The jib park, the new beginner line in the Absolut Park and the Chill House have all been set up for the new generation of freestylers. You won’t find a more authentic way to learn to freestyle.

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The Absolut School also offers all classic ski and snowboard lessons because it is very hard directly hit the park.